Benefits of Quality

At Faveri’s we sell quality and buying quality is always a great value! While you may invest a little more in the beginning, you can be assured that the product will perform as it should, and give you decades of use. Our furniture is heirloom quality, allowing you to pass it on through many generations, just ask our customers!

The decision is yours. You can purchase a piece of furniture made of enviro unfriendly particle board or fibre and glue that is difficult and possibly expensive to repair when broken. Or, like our customers, you can purchase solid wood furniture, confident that it will withstand years of use and maintain its original look. Another benefit of solid wood is that it allows you to change the finish should your tastes change over the years. Solid wood furniture can be refinished with a new look for many more years of enjoyment. Solid wood furniture is a much more responsible choice for our environment.

If quality is something that you believe in, it is what you will feel the moment you walk through our doors. Our furniture is made by skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work and have spent years honing their skills.

Buy it once- buy it to last!